Month: November 2017

48390 Dentist | 6 Harmful Habits That Affect Your Teeth


Nearly everyone has at least one habit that they wish they could break Did you know that some of them can affect your oral health? Here are a few common habits and tips for how to break them

  1. Nail Biting

Why it’s harmful: Your dental health may suffer from nail biting by possibly chipping your teeth or impacting your tooth You place pressure on your jaw when you leave it...

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Dentist in Walled Lake | Oral Cancer Risk Factors

48390 Dentist

During a comprehensive dental examination, our team will look for signs of oral cancer Early detection is key with oral cancer If caught early, most forms of oral cancer are treatable Our dental team is trained and educated to identify oral cancer


Everyone is susceptible to the disease, but some groups of people are at a higher risk level than others Here are the top seven risk factors...

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