Month: December 2019

Walled Lake MI Dentist | The Truth About Dental Anxiety

Is anxiety or nervousness preventing you from visiting our team? Dental treatments should not be a cause of stress If you worry about pain, embarrassment, or loss or control during a dental examination, we want you to know two very important things: You are not alone and We can help

Dental Anxiety Is Common

Research has...

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Walled Lake MI Dentist | Be Wary of These Beverages


It’s common knowledge that plenty of beverages are not good for your health The excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine, or alcohol found in a lot of popular drinks have well-documented impacts on your body However, you may not be aware of the immediate impacts that these beverages can have on your teeth Below is a list of some common beverages and tips for...

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Walled Lake MI Dentist | 5 Teeth Sensitivity Myths

Do you suffer from regular sensitivity? Teeth sensitivity is often misunderstood, but our dental team can help you find relief We’re here to separate the fact from fiction in sensitivity

MYTH: People’s teeth are supposed to hurt when they bite into cold or hot foods

Feelings of sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods should not be a typical...

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