Month: November 2019

Dentist in Walled Lake | Ow! Your Guide to Canker Sores

A canker sore can make eating, drinking, and talking difficult and even painful Maintaining your oral health by brushing and flossing may also be difficult with a sore in your mouth, but keeping up with your daily oral hygiene routine is an important step in the healing process We’ve put together a short guide to everything you need to know about canker sores

What do they...

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Dentist in Walled Lake | How Pregnancy Affects Your Oral Health

During pregnancy, it is essential that you don’t neglect your oral health A fluctuation in hormones can cause drastic changes in your mouth Oral health complications have been linked to increased risk in other significant overall health issues Here are the most common oral health problems, how they can affect your pregnancy, and how to prevent them

Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy
According to the Academy of...

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Dentist in Walled Lake | I Chipped a Tooth! What Can I Do?

It usually starts pretty innocently You’re biting into your favorite hard candy and suddenly you realize that there’s one little hard piece in your mouth you can’t seem to dissolve You check it out and fear overcomes you when you see it’s a little chipped piece of a tooth

Enamel may be one of the hardest substances in the body but like most things in life,...

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