Month: October 2022

Decrease Your Odds of Hypertension | Walled Lake Dentist

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You may be unaware of how your oral health can be an indicator of your overall health  The warning signs of systemic health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, can often be found by during a routine examination/dental cleaning at our dental office You may be surprised to find out that hypertension (high blood pressure) may also be...

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Chew on This: Foods for Healthy Teeth | 48390 Dentist

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No time to brush or floss your teeth? When brushing or flossing isn’t convenient, you can still keep your mouth feeling fresh by eating certain foods When you’re on the go or in a hurry, our Walled Lake dentist recommends to try grabbing one of these foods to munch on to help fight plaque and keep your teeth healthy  

Cheese provides...

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