Month: October 2019

Sedation Dentistry | Oral Cancer Risk Factors

During a comprehensive dental examination, our team will look for signs of oral cancer Early detection is key with oral cancer If caught early, most forms of oral cancer are treatable Our dental team is trained and educated to identify oral cancer

Everyone is susceptible to the disease, but some groups of people are at a higher risk level than others Here are the top seven risk...

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Dental Implants Walled Lake | Dentistry – Past, Present, and Future

“Tooth worms” are the cause of tooth decay That was the headline of a Sumerian text from around 5,000 BCE Fortunately, the dental industry has evolved since then and we know “tooth worms” don’t exist Here’s how dentistry has evolved into the comfortable, safe, and beneficial science of today

In the Beginning

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians had designated doctors for teeth? Evidence has...

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Walled Lake Periodontist | Repair Your Smile with Dentures

Our dental team is pleased to provide high-quality removable dentures to new and existing patients who have experienced the loss of some or all of their teeth These dentures are custom-crafted to fit the individual patient’s mouth and specific tooth replacement needs They provide both a cosmetic and functional replacement solution for tooth loss

To make the dentures, we will make a series of...

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