Month: April 2023

Fruit Juice & Your Teeth: A Message From Your Dentist | Family Dentist Walled Lake


Don’t be fooled by the label “100 percent fruit juice” Drinks advertised in this way might seem like a healthy choice, but these drinks may be doing more harm than good In fact, fruit juices contain sugar that can lead to tooth decay The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently reevaluated their recommendations for allowing small children to consume fruit juice Here’s what...

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6 Harmful Habits That Affect Your Teeth | Best Dentist Walled Lake


Nearly everyone has at least one habit that they wish they could break Did you know that some of them can affect your oral health? Here are a few common habits and tips for how to break them

1   Nail Biting

Why it’s harmful: Your dental health may suffer from nail biting by possibly chipping your...

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