A Letter to Our Patients

Walled Lake, MI Dentist and Periodontist

Hello Patients, Family & Friends, 

We are up and running and wanted to share a few things with you. We are still contacting patients who have had to be rescheduled due to the mandatory shut down. We really appreciate your patience. If you have not been contacted yet, do not worry, we will reach out to you. If you would like to be proactive and give us a call to schedule an appointment, feel free to do so. If you are a patient at our office and have been here since June 1st, you have seen some changes and we have made even more for the safety of our staff and patients. If you have no been here abed are scheduled to come, here is what you can expect-

You will receive a COVID-19 Screening Form and Instruction Sheet via text message or email up to one week prior to your appointment. This form is completely digital so there is no hassle with printing. Answer the Yes or No questions, sign your name at the bottom, and hit the blue SUBMIT tab. The form comes right back to us… Kind of like magic 😊 These forms must be completed every time you come in for an appointment. We understand it can be a hassle, but it is for your safety and ours. If you need assistance or are unable to receive these forms do not hesitate to call our office. If these forms are not filled out, we will not be able to see you at your appointment time.

Our lobby is no longer open as a waiting room; we ask when you arrive, call our office, and wait in your car. Our front desk staff will check you in, verify your phone number and call you when the Hygienist or Doctor’s assistant is ready to meet you at the door. We do require you to wear a mask into the building. Upon entry, we will have you use hand sanitizer and we will take your temperature. Then you will be taken to your treatment room.

Currently, we are asking that ONLY the person having treatment be in the room. This means that we are asking parents, guardians, family, and friends to kindly wait in your car. We understand that we have a lot of children and we have taken that into consideration. Currently, we feel this is the best way to keep our patients and staff safe. If you have a child this is what you can expect; You will meet the hygienist/assistant at the door, verify there have been no medical changes, your child will get their temperature taken and they will be asked to sanitize their hands. During an appointment, if anything comes up you will be notified immediately. At the conclusion of your child’s appointment, the front desk staff will call you to come to the door, at that time the hygienist/assistant will meet you with your child and discuss how the appointment went. 

Because our front lobby is closed, and we are following strict social distancing guidelines we are asking patients with a co-pay or have a balance to have a credit card authorization slip on file. When you schedule an appointment or when you are called to confirm an appointment you will be asked to provide a credit card to hold until the end of your appointment. You will be provided with an estimate for services just like before so there will be no surprises. Your card will not be charged until after you leave. You will receive an email or mailed receipt for the transaction. 

One of the biggest questions we have been asked is “What is your office doing to keep me safe?”. In addition to what we are asking our patients to do, our staff is also taking their temperature and answering a daily questionnaire. You will see there is an additional front door that has been added to help the flow of patients coming in and out of the lobby area. We now have air purifiers in every room. You will notice there are no longer displays or items out on our countertops because those things are not easily sanitized. We have installed larger suctions in the rooms to catch more of the aerosols in the air. After each room is cleaned and sanitized, we have a machine that sprays a mist into the room that will remove any residual bacteria that have been left behind. 

We think the biggest change will be how our staff looks; from our front desk, all wearing masks and jackets to the assistants, doctors, and hygienists wearing their PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator).

We know that all these changes can seem overwhelming, we are going to be here with you every step of the way. If at any time you have questions about our office policies or safety precautions we are taking, we are here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. 

Your safety and ours has been the forefront of every decision that has been made since we have re-opened, and it will continue to be in the future. 

All of us are looking forward to seeing all of you, 
Dr. Jacobson & Staff